A Better, More Democratic Solution

On January 27 the Oregon Land Conservation & Development Commission (LCDC) adopted new administrative rules regarding state land use Goal 5/Historic Resources. The rules will go into effect as soon as they are filed with the Oregon Secretary of State, which is a process that takes about 2 weeks. Local historic districts, which are coordinated and regulated by the City of Portland, previously required the consent of 100% of property owners, making them impossible to attain. The rules have been modified to now require 50% +1 of individual property owners to legally consent, making this a viable option.

The City of Portland would help to determine the boundary of the district, and would vet contributing vs. non-contributing resources. Not having to adhere to National Preservation Standards, there would be great flexibility in crafting a Local historic district’s design guidelines and regulations. This would all be managed through a public, transparent process.

If we are designated a National historic district, we will NOT have the option to become a Local historic district. 

The fairest way for the ENA to proceed now would be to withdraw their current proposal and allow the neighborhood to discuss pursuing this newly available alternative. Isn’t that what we’ve all been asking for – a BETTER SOLUTION?

OBJECT to the National Historic District, and insist upon a redirection. 

We ALL love Eastmoreland – let’s consider a more democratic process to protect it for generations to come.