September 7, 2016 at 7pm: Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association


Please come join us and let the ENA Board know that you want them to SLOW down the process of nominating our neighborhood as a historic district.  The ENA Board members have decided to submit the draft application for the historic district (scheduled for October) PRIOR to taking the "poll" that has been promised to the neighborhood (scheduled for December).  And, they have yet to inform the neighborhood what this poll will look like.

We have requested that the Board take time at this meeting to address the following issues:

1.    There were indications at the July special members meeting and indications from some members of the board that the "poll/vote" of the neighborhood on the historic district would be taken at the end of the summer when the historic district boundaries have been determined.  However, it appears from the ENA's historic district website that the poll will be taken in December, two months after the initial draft application for the historic district submission to SHPO.  When was this decision made and by whom?  

2.    Would it be possible to withdraw the historic district application from SHPO if the "poll/vote" of the neighborhood indicates that there is a consensus to not move forward with the district?

3.   It appears that a decision has been made to have AECOM draft neighborhood historic district guidelines - which would mean that the ENA Board has decided to use the entire $48,000 that was outlined in the fee schedule under the AECOM contract.  When was this decision made and by whom?  

4.   Has any decision been made as to how the "poll/vote" will be conducted?  At the July special meeting, requests were made that a non-partial third party that has expertise in writing ballots be hired to write the ballot and conduct the polling process.  Will the neighborhood design guidelines be included as a part of the ballot?  If none of these decisions have been made, when will they be made, and by whom?

5.  Has any decision been made as to what portion of the ENA would be participating in the "poll/vote"?  Would it include all of the homes in the ENA boundaries or only those homes in the historic district boundaries (if a narrower subset)?  

6.  At the July special members meeting, there was considerable agreement expressed that to be valid, a super majority of the homeowners in the boundary must participate in the poll, and a super majority of those must agree to the historic district.  Will the ENA board commit to that, to ensure that the historic district does not go ahead without the support of a majority of the affected homeowners?

7.   The ENA Summer newsletter has been written with a decidedly "pro-historic" point of view.  The ENA is hereby requested to pay for the printing and distribution of a similar newsletter written by the Keep Eastmoreland Free group that describes the downsides of our neighborhood being designated a historic district.  It seems only fair that neighborhood resources be spent to explore both sides of the debate.  

Your presence at the meeting will let the Board know that there are neighbors who want this process to take a more measured pace, so that we can all make an informed decision about a significant change that will affect all of our property rights.