July 27, 2016 at 7pm: Special Meeting of the Members of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association

Reed College Vollum College Center Room cc110

We have petitioned the Eastmoreland Neighbhorhood Association (ENA) for a Special Meeting of the Members to discuss the historic district.  As per the bylaws of the ENA and the petition, the only issue that can be discussed is the historic district.  

The following topics are on the agenda:

  1. Authority of the ENA Board to take any action with respect to the designation of Eastmoreland as a historic district considering that Robert McCullough, former President of the ENA Board, and Bill Nichols, former Treasurer of the ENA Board, had exceeded the term limit set forth in Article 8 of the Bylaws of the ENA as of May 2016, and only resigned their positions as of July 2016.
  2. The proposed “poll” that the ENA Board has said that it would conduct at the end of the survey process -- How will this poll be conducted? What constitutes “sufficient support” for the ENA to proceed with the designation? What information will be included in the ballot?
  3. AECOM contract authorization timeline; what financial commitments were made to AECOM and when?
  4. Financial state of the ENA considering the cost of pursuing historic designation; clarity with respect to the “anonymous donor” that was mentioned in the May 26 Duniway School meeting.
  5. Volunteer survey training materials – What materials were provided to the volunteers? What is the scope of their review? 

Join us and let your voice be heard.