October 13, 2016 at 7pm: Special Meeting of the Members of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association


Frustrated that the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) isn't more forthcoming with information about the designation of our neighborhood as a historic district?  Us, too.  We have again petitioned the ENA Board for a Special Meeting of the Members to discuss the Historic District.  This is not a general ENA meeting, and as per the bylaws of the ENA and the petition, the only issue that can be discussed is the historic district.  Come and let your opposition be known, and ask the ENA to SLOW DOWN the process of designating our neighborhood as a historic district.

The following topics are on the agenda:

(1) The “vote/poll” committee – who is on it, who chairs it, when will it meet, and what will it discuss? 

(2) The results of the neighborhood historic district survey and disclosure of homes that have been determined as contributing and non-contributing sources.

(3) The Treasurer’s report for June, July and August showing the funds spent on the historic district.

(4) Disclosure of all meeting minutes going back one year (i.e., October 2015) of the Land Use committee relating to the historic district.

(5)  On what date does the ENA plan to submit the final historic district nomination to SHPO?  The ENA's website has 2 timelines on it (one attributed to the ENA, and one to AECOM) which are vague and inconsistent.  The AECOM timeline states it will submit the nomination to SHPO on November 1, 2016.  The ENA timeline does not state when a final nomination will be made to SHPO.  Rather, it states that 'refinements' will be made to the 'draft nomination' between November 2016-January 2017 and that SHPO will submit a final application to the National Park Service in May 2017.

(6) A request for the mailing list (names and addresses) of all members of the ENA.

We further requested that the Board commit to immediately notify the neighborhood (via ENA Facebook page, ENA historic district website, the ENA website, and a mailing to every household) of the following information:  that the ENA has submitted the historic district application to SHPO, and the exact method by which and dates within which any property owner can file comments, including notarized objections to the nomination.