Who We Are

We are your neighbors; some of us have lived here all our lives, and some of us are just setting down roots. We want you to know the facts about the proposed historic district so we can make this choice, all of us, together.

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Tom Armstrong
Stephen K. Bache
Mary Anne Bauer
Steve Chen
Mark Blanchard
Brent Blattner
Chris Blattner
Ralph Bodenner
Lyndon & Kathleen Borden
Susan Bozlee
Patty Brandt
Terry Brandt
Chris and Mary Gay Broderick
Alexandra Brown
Harry Brown
Ingrid Brown
Nancy Brown
Jessica Canales
Chris Chen
Anna Choe
Tom Christ
Jonathan Cogan
Sonny Conder
Scott Currie
Patrick Cummings
Lesley Demers
Liz Dexter
Rob Downer
Lynne Field
Kathy Fishler
Colin Folawn
Leslie Ford
Randy Franks
Greg Frick
Richard Garrett
Deborah Gaslin
Norman Goetz
Tiffany and Jamieson Grabenhorst
Carolyn Gressel
Jordan Grossman
Jane Williams-Grube
Ken Hochfeld
Mike Hollowell
Dana Hori
Rita Jacobson
Ed Jeffrey
Matt Kemmis
Bonnie Kilwein
Deb Lee-Thornby
Don Lee
Madelon Lewis
Diane Lucas
Karl Lucke
Ed Marihart
George Marvin
Kevin McCall
Cynthia McCann
Mary Kyle McCurdy
Kate McKeon
Brad McMurchie
Julie McMurchie
Debbie Menashe
Colleen Mendola
Patrick Mendola
Scott Meyer
Linda & Tom Miller
Eric Mitchell
Lynne Murphy
Hanh Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen
Nancy Oppenheimer
Dan Pence
Kirsten Ragen
Susan M. Reedy
Jan & Ken Robertson
Julie Rudin
Dave Shuey
Sally Shuey
Cindy Simon
Paula Stratton
Charlie Summers
J. Sweeney
Karen H. Taylor
Travis Taylor
Kirk Thornby
Jeremy Tunney
Dan Valliere
Susan Walsh
Maria Williquette
Steve Wong
Melissa Wyman
Dean Zografos
Karlyn Zografos